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The car exhaust is one of the oldest and most important parts of any automotive. Since the inception of the automobile many manufacturers over the years have come up with numerous tweaks and additional features to add onto this useful system although the basic mechanics have remained largely the same. This system is essentially put together in a series of mini-systems that tend to come together in a highly efficient structure that tends to guarantee an optimally performing engine and a safe car at all times.

Some of these smaller parts that make up the larger system include the popular Exhaust manifold which is usually the hidden part of the system connected to engine. The oxygen sensor is another important part of this system that is obviously visible while looking at the car and it tends to increase the levels of oxygen supplied to the engine for more efficient fuel combustion.

The exhaust pipe is another rather obvious part that is the most visible and it mainly serves as a gateway in emitting the waste gases collected from the engine after fuel combustion. This part is carefully designed to ensure that it prevents any backflow of these gases while at the same time ensuring that there is no back pressure which can considerably affect the workings of the engine.

Additionally the catalytic converters which reduce gas pollution and the mufflers which reduce noise pollution are both relatively modern features that have made these systems much more efficient and practical. While using a car exhaust system with all these parts one is likely to enjoy a bevy of very attractive benefits that will not only make their car very cost effective but also turn all drives into a pure delight. Other benefits that one stands to enjoy include the improved performance which comes in increased torque and horsepower not to mention a better fuel efficiency which tends to considerably cut down ones gas and fuel costs in the long run.