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Exhaust systems in cars are very important in giving them the required performance. A car that has an effective exhaust system is bound to give much better engine performance. Besides the intricacies that go on inside the engine many people focus more on what they see on their cars. It is for this reason that they give importance to the exhaust tips of their cars just as they do the engine under the hood. The tip of an exhaust pipe is important because it serves various purposes.

Here are some of the features that a good tip should have

Every car’s worth is known from the way it handles, the engine capacity and also the way it looks. However, no matter the tweaking done under the hood or any other part of the car which is not visible, a car’s looks remains the main area that people uses to acknowledge or dismiss it. The tips that people use of their cars are some of the key areas that people will notice when on the street and which is also used to value the car. A tip should accentuate the beauty of the car rather than diminish it.

By using the tip to prettify the car, the driver is guaranteeing themselves a series of never ending stares from other road users and neighbors. In short, the tip should be beautiful enough to grasp the attention of people.

The other feature of the exhaust tips and which is basically their main function is to pass on the waste gases from the engine. As the engine burns gas and air, it emits gases that if choked up in the engine the car can stall. It is for this reason that an exhaust pipe is made to emit all of the gasses. The tips are the parts that finally release those gases to the environment.


Because of the complexity of the car’s engine, it is imperative that it gets some breathing outlet. The exhaust tips are the perfect channels through which air can pass from the outside on into the engine thus helping at regulating the air in the engine. When a car has the right tip at its rear, even the noise coming out of the engine gets reduced.

There is always the general rule that a good manufacturer makes good stuff. Well, it also applies in the case of the tips. The stature of the manufacturer very much influences the quality of the tip. The buyer should also not forget that the material used to make such tips should be genuine so that their purchase can last for many years.

After considering all these features and factors that influence the exhaust tips of cars, it becomes pretty easy to find out the right fitting one for a car. The combination of all these features ensures that the tip that one gets at the end of the day is beautiful, long lasting and serves its purpose in a most efficient manner.